Coal miners killed in Ukraine

Thirty seven Ukrainian miners were killed in coal mining accidents on Friday.

An explosion at the Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya coal mine in the Luhansk region early Friday took the lives of at least 26 people and injured two, according to Reuters.

Sixteen miners were killed instantly, with three receiving burns and injuries.

One of the injured later died from his wounds.

Rescue efforts began immediately to recover nine miners that were still missing, but ended on Sunday.

Ukrainian news services say it was the deadliest disaster in the country’s coal mining history since 2007, when 100 miners were killed in an explosion.

According to the Lugansk regional administration, the accident was caused by a methane explosion.

On the same day, another three miners died and four more were injured at a mine in the nearby Donetsk region, after a piece of heavy machinery collapsed.

The Emergencies Ministry said a 70 metre high mine headframe collapsed at the Bazhanova mine.
Eight miners were reported missing, alive but trapped under the shaft’s rubble.

The voices of two people can be heard from under the ruins," Donetsk region governor Andriy Shishatsky said.

"They’re saying that more people are under them. The main task is to get the people out as soon as possible."

The trapped miners have since been reported to have died.


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