Coal miners hospitalised after gas exposure

Fourteen coal miners were hospitalised after being exposed to dangerous gases.

 Fourteen coal miners were hospitalised after being exposed to dangerous gases.

Theses gas leaks at the Collinsville coal mine are the latest in a series of hazardous gas incidents.

In the last two months four workers have been exposed to high gas levels, and according to the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Education (DEED) the Collinsville coal mine’s seam is historically known to be prone to emissions.

The latest leaks, on Thursday, saw five miners showing symptoms of exposure while nine nearby workers were also hospitalised as a precaution, the Daily Mercury reports.

The mine’s operator, Thiess, ceased all work at the Xstrata coal mine but resumed operations in sections unaffected by gas.

It was already under investigation by the DEEDI in regards to the previous gas levels.

Thiess executive general manager Michael Wright stated that the miner is working towards monitoring and mitigating gases on site.

"The safety of our people is our number one focus. We are working with the mines inspector and leading independent experts to get to the bottom of this issue," Wright said.

"We will continue to communicate monitoring results and findings of specialists and technical experts, including timeframes for the implementation of recommendations to our employees."

Mines inspectors will again visit the site to investigate this latest incident.


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