Coal miner storage dam leaks

 Whitehaven Coal has notified the EPA following a leak from its storage dam.

The miner’s Werris Creek coal mine has reportedly overflowed, with some of the water entering the nearby Quipolly Creek, according to the ABC.

"The water flowed off the mine site on Sunday and it flowed through Wardells Lane, and over Paynes Road and, unfortunately, it would appear that it’s heading for Quipolly Creek and there might even be some of that water in Quipolly Creek now," Werris Creek’s technical services general manager Brian Cullen said.

Whitehaven stated that the EPA and landholders downhill of the project have been notified of the incident, and the leak has since been halted.

Cullen said the miner is attempting to limit future mine water flows from the site and into the creek after this most recent incident.

"Our own actions were that we started up some pumps and started pumping back to the pit and we endeavoured to construct some levee banks to abate the flow off the site."

Whitehaven has now begun inspections of the dam’s leak point, adding that it will continue to consult the EPA as investigations continue.

It was forced to shut its coal mines in the Gunnedah Basin last month after heavy rains caused high levels of water in the pits.


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