Coal mine accident in China kills 22 people

Twenty-two people have been killed at a coal mine in China in what local authorities are calling a “gas incident”.

The accident occurred at the Yanshitai coal mine in China’s south-western municipality of Chongqing at 5:40pm on Tuesday, state media agency Xinhua said.

A total of 28 people were working at the time of the incident, but six managed to escape.

Rescuers have recovered the bodies of the deceased miners, Xinhua said.

The mine is owned and operated by state-owned Nantong Mining Company.

China has the worst safety record of any coal mining country.

Last year 589 mining accidents left approximately 1050 people dead or missing.

Death figures for 2012 and 2011 stand at 1300 and 1973 respectively.

In an effort to lower numbers, the government launched a 'nationwide safety overhaul' to develop better working conditions on site and in turn prevent more deadly accidents.

As part of the plan it announced 2000 coal mine would be closed by the end of this year.

Image: AFP 

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