Coal company asks for “good looking” receptionists

A coal company based in Indonesia has posted a job advertisement asking for “good looking” single females under 25 to apply.

News Limited reports the job was posted on Australia InfoMine by coal miner Pt. Karya Bumi Baratama, but the advertisement has since been removed.


Melbourne job seeker Bronte Maguire, 21, said she “couldn't believe it” when she stumbled on the ad.


“It's quite common to see 'well presented' as a requirement but good looking was offensive,” she said.


“The only justification I have for them is that the job is in Indonesia, so whoever wrote that may not have had the best English skills and might not know that you can't say that.”


Along with being single, good looking, and under 25, the job asks applicants to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, with fluency in English.


“Fresh graduate and a student who are in (sic) the completion of the final thesis are welcome to apply,” it said.


Infomine general manager Johann Robertson told News Limited he was surprised the ad got past their screening processes.


“From what my staff tell me about the South-East Asia job region, it really sounds like this receptionist ad in question is looking for the stereotypical demographic for the role that is unencumbered to work longer hours, rather than for any kind of inappropriate relationship,” he said.

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