Cloudbreak mine supervisor chosen as Fortescue CEO for a day

FMG CEO Elizabeth Gaines and Cloudbreak mine control supervisor Kellie Gesah. Image: FMG

Fortescue Metals Group has continued its ‘CEO for a Day’ tradition with the appointment of Kellie Gesah, a mine control supervisor at the Cloudbreak iron ore mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Fortescue’s CEO for a Day program sees the company’s chief executive officer host promising Indigenous leaders at each quarterly results release. Gesah joined Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines at the launch of the company’s June 2018 quarterly production report.

Gesah’s role at the company helps ensure the efficient rollout of Fortescue’s autonomous trucks at the Cloudbreak mine. She started with the company in 2012 via its vocational training and employment centre (VTEC) in 2012. Fortescue’s VTEC program celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.

“I have been learning the autonomous MineStar platform at Solomon so I can prepare our Cloudbreak mine control team for the new Autonomous Haulage System,” said Gesah. “We are working to ensure we have the right training and procedures in place to enable a smooth transition to autonomy.”

Gesah is also involved with the company’s Leadership Excellence in Aboriginal People (LEAP) program. Fortescue places a strong focus on Indigenous and female representation within the company, which currently stand at 14.6 and 17.4 per cent of employees respectively as of June 30 this year.

In March, Fortescue made a deal with the Australian Aboriginal Mining Corp (AAMC) for delivery of iron ore to Cloudbreak from the Indigenous-owned Wonmunna iron project located about 80km from Newman.

“Training has always been at the heart of everything we do at Fortescue,” said Gaines.

“Having started her Fortescue journey with VTEC, and now completing our Leadership Excellence in Aboriginal People (LEAP) program, it’s terrific to see Kellie continue to embrace the opportunities Fortescue has offered and capitalise on the training the innovation projects we have provided.

“I am delighted she could join the team and me as CEO for a Day.”

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