Clive Palmer voted national treasure

 In an unusual grouping Clive Palmer has been voted as a national treasure along with the creator of the cervical cancer vaccine Professor Ian Frazer, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, and Kylie Minogue.

According to the National Trust of Australia (NSW), the Australian public voted for seven Australia’s to be considered national living treasures.

Ian Carroll, from the National Trust, said the group was chosen as they personified Australian qualities, Adelaide Now reported.

"Their generous and significant contributions have, like them, become part of our national heritage," he said in a statement.

Palmer stated that his new status a ‘living treasure’ is "an honour, especially to be the only person (voted in) from industry".

This year saw Palmer, Minogue, Kruszelnicki, and Frazer joined by Olivia Newton John, environmentalist Harry Butler, and Sir Jack Brabham.

Other Australian granted the title of living treasure include Bob Brown, Tim Costello, Dr. Fiona Wood, Dick Smith, and John Howard.

This list is now in its 15th year.


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