Clive Palmer accused CITIC head of corruption

Clive Palmer has intensified his dispute with CITIC Pacific, accusing its president of corrupt practices.

This is just the latest salvo between Palmer and the Chinese miner, as their relationship over the Sino Iron mine sours.

Earlier this month Palmer accused Chinese miners of 'raping' Australia's resources.

The outburst came after Palmer won the latest round in a long-running legal battle with CITIC Pacific for control of the Cape Preston Port, as the battle of wills over who takes the blame for the constant series of delays at the joint Sino Iron venture.

Speaking at the Melbourne Mining Club earlier this month, CITIC chairman Chang Zhenming accused Palmer of talking “rubbish” and warned the heightened tensions will scare off other Chinese investors.

CITIC was attempting to overturn a decision made by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport in January last year which put Mineralogy in control of maritime security at the port.

The companies are currently engaged in a number of agreements relating to project development at the port and the Sino Iron magnetite mine in the Pilbara

Now Palmer is reigniting the fight, accusing CITIC Pacific president Zhang Jijing of illegally using the company's money to pursue a personal damages claim.

He stated that Zhang Jijing has threatened legal action against him, following his response to comments made at the Melbourne Mining Club.

"I have denounced CITIC Pacific’s behaviour as disgraceful and dishonourable,” Palmer said. “I felt compelled to warn all Australian companies to be careful when using a foreign partner because the chairman of CITIC Pacific seeks to corrupt our legal and political system.”

He added that it is illegal for Zhang to use CITIC Pacific's lawyers to undertake a personal claim against him.

Palmer went on to add that "this is not representative of the way other state-owned Chinese businesses operate in Australia".


Image: SMH

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