Climate change campaigners pull ‘paedophilic’ anti-coal banner

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) have pulled an entry for a billboard near the upcoming G20 summit that railed against coal, following a backlash that it featured paedophilic overtones.

The AYCC has run a competition on its facebook page to create a billboard that would be posted outside the Brisbane International Airport for the G20 summit, however one entry has been branded as ‘sick’ and been branded disgraceful, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

The entry itself states “Dear World Leaders, Don’t let the coal lobby get their dirty hands on our future”, and features a young girl appearing to be terrified with a man’s blackened hands across her mouth.

The AYCC quickly saw a backlash on its social media, with one commentor stating “Pleeaaase no pedophile reference” [sic], and another describing it as “a bit sick”.

The Queensland Resources Council as quick to condemn the entry, stating “the activists have stooped to a new low with the disgusting banner”, according to The Australian.

Backbencher George Christensen also voiced his stance on it, decrying it as ‘disgraceful’ and labelling the AYCC ‘enviro-nutbags’, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"Their latest effort to demonise the coal industry including the many hard working coal miners in my electorate is to compare them to the perpetrators of domestic violence or child abductors," he told the SMH.

"How low with the extreme Green groups go?"

Following the response the AYCC national co-director told The Australian that the image had “caused concern for supporters”, and the group chose to remove it from the competition.

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