Clean up ordered for Bendigo mine site

A mine tailings site has received a Pollution Abatement Notice to clean up contaminated sand in the area.

Lidell’s Calcine Sands site in Bendigo Regional Park will be capped and revegetated after received the notice from the Environment Protection Agency.

The Bendigo Advertiser reported clean up must begin by August 1 by Parks Victoria.

The Black Saturday fires in 2009 uncovered arsenic and mercury in the sands at the site.

Parks Victoria ranger in charge David Major said the community will have a chance to meet the contractor to discuss the clean up.

“The sands will be covered well before the January 1, 2014 deadline for completion of work as stated in the PAN,” he said.

Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum was happy with the development, saying it had been a prolonged process.

“It has in fact been a very long saga,” he said.

“I feel for the people who have been living adjacent to the Calcine Sands. I am delighted that (the site is) finally being covered.”

But Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said she realised capping may not be the ideal solution.

“However, Parks Victoria and the EPA have decided to proceed to cap and revegetate,” she said.

“Unfortunately all that residents can do is put their faith in Parks Victoria and the EPA and trust that they have got it right.”

“If they haven’t, the health of the residents in the area is going to continually be put at risk.”

Edwards said the community had rarely received honest answers to their queries and concerns.

Major said the clean-up cost will only be known when it is completed.

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