Clean coal a furphy, says Dr Karl

DR KARL has had a Microsleep on clean coal, according to Australia’s largest mining industry associations

DR KARL has had a Microsleep on clean coal, according to Australia’s mineral industry associations.

Celebrity scientist and Senate candidate Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has drawn criticism from the mining community after he said clean coal technology was physically impossible.

“There is no such thing as clean coal,” Kruszelnicki said.

The Australian Coal Association, the Queensland Resources Council, and the New South Wales Minerals Council (NSWMC) have criticised Kruszelnicki’s comments, saying the comments were inaccurate, and ran counter to the evidence of thousands of scientists and engineers working on the technology globally.

Kruszelnicki said major political parties were lying to Australian’s when they claim CO2 could be removed from the burning of coal and then compressed and stored underground or underwater.

“Dr Karl is out of his field of expertise with his wildly inaccurate claims that clean coal technology is a furphy,” NSWMC CEO Dr Nikki Williams said.

“Some of Australia’s leading scientists from the Co-operative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technology for example, Australia’s top research institution on low emission technologies, has pointed out technical flaws in Dr Karl’s claims,” said Dr Williams.

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