Claim Barminco failed to act on past safety breach

Following its sacking of the 15 miners involved in last week’s ‘Harlem Shake’ YouTube video, Barminco has been accused of turning a blind eye to another safety breach several years ago.

According to the West Australian, the landlord of an office building leased by Barminco between 2006 and 2010 has claimed that the company overlooked an incident where an employee sounded a fire alarm as an office party prank in 2007.

The former landlord, Andy Boyle says that video footage he received at the time showed an alcohol-affected employee setting off the alarm as another man watched and laughed.

As a result of the false alarm, the building was evacuated.

Boyle says that he brought the incident to the attention of Barminco management at the time but no serious action was taken. Neither man was sacked.

"The (fire alarm incident) was clearly done under the influence of alcohol, and they should have been sacked. There is no question about it," he said.

According to Boyle, it was unfair for the miners who performed the YouTube to be sacked while the two office employees who set off the alarm didn’t receive similar treatment.

The treatment of the miners has split online opinion. Many saw the stunt as a harmless way to let off steam and improve morale, while others agreed with the Company’s ‘by-the-book’ handling of the situation.

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