China launches new ‘coal safety’ plan

The Chinese Government has launched a new plan to increase safety at its coal mines in the wake of another horror week.

Over the weekend four people died in two coal mine explosions across the country, as the Chinese Government released new information citing 2013 as industry’s safest year yet.

According to CTV news, the Central Government said there were only 589 mining accidents last year that left approximately 1050 people dead or missing, adding that it decline of nearly a quarter compared to the previous period.

Death figures alone for 2012 and 2011 stand at 1300 and 1973 respectively.

In an effort to lower numbers even more, the government launched a ‘nationwide safety overhaul’ to develop better working conditions on site and in turn prevent more deadly accidents.

It has already begun taken major steps with the announcement that it will shut 2000 coal mines within two years.

This comes after it carried out another cull in 2012, which saw the shut down of 628 smaller coal mines, as well as the forced enhancement of technological efficiencies at 622 mines, and the amalgamation of 388 other mines.

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