Chevron quizzes ‘reproductive outcomes’

A job application questionnaire has sparked outrage amongst the mining community.

Revealed yesterday, gas company Chevron has found itself in the firing line for posing intrusive questions to job seekers.

SMH has obtained a copy of the form which asks if the job seeker – or their partner- has ever been pregnant, how old the mother was during pregnancy, if the mother has had a miscarriage, stillbirth or an abortion.

The questions appear in ‘Part F’ of a questionnaire, entitled ‘Reproductive Outcomes’, and states “Men and women should answer all of these questions to the best of their knowledge”.

The ‘all’ is underlined on the form providing extra emphasis.

Underneath it states 'Section F' is optional but that “we would appreciate your response. Thank you”.

The medical history form also asks if women have fertility issues and to list the date of their last period.

Chevron says the medical information “is solely used by authorised medical professionals”.

The company added that “questions relating to reproductive history are explicitly voluntary and this is lawful”.

Many members of Australian Mining’s audience have voiced outrage at the topics covered in the applicant questionnaire.

A number of individuals labelled the questions as “disgusting”, with one adding “How dare they ask these questions”.

Unions have also condemned chevron’s questionnaire.

Maritime Union of Australia organiser Matthew Elliot said applicants felt obliged to fill in the optional section in order to secure a position at the company.


MUA's national secretary Ian Bray said he is “not surprised that Chevron, yet again, are displaying this type of attitude to its workforce”.

"This is not only deeply offensive but also has little to do with someone's ability to do any job, whether it be offshore, or behind a desk,” he said.




Image: SMH.


Australian Mining has placed a number of calls to Chevron; we are still awaiting a response.

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