Chevron pulls intimate quiz

A probing Chevron recruitment questionnaire which asks prospective job seekers, amongst other things, about their reproductive history has now been pulled.

Chevron issued an internal statement on Friday saying many of the questions “are not relevant for our local Australian employment situation”, and that the global form will be amended, Fairfax Media reports.

"Our forms will be amended to ask only medical information relevant to the position. It is in our best interest to ensure our people are safe and fit for duty," the email stated.

"We were pleased to hear from the workforce on this matter and encourage anyone who would like to make suggestions or comments to use [management team feedback resource]."

The questions appear in ‘Part F’ of a questionnaire, entitled ‘Reproductive Outcomes’, and states “Men and women should answer all of these questions to the best of their knowledge”.

The ‘all’ is underlined on the form providing extra emphasis.

Underneath it states 'Section F' is optional but that “we would appreciate your response. Thank you”.

The form asks if the job seeker – or their partner- has ever been pregnant, how old the mother was during pregnancy, if the mother has had a miscarriage, stillbirth or an abortion.

The medical history form also asks if women have fertility issues and to list the date of their last period.

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