Cheap OTR Tyres Could Burst Your Mine’s Bottom Line

There’s a time and a place for making cheap purchases – but choosing tyres for mining loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADTs) and haul trucks is not one of them. Although today’s mine-sites are under increasing cost pressures, Australian mining businesses need to look at OTR tyre choices not as consumable purchases, but as necessary investments required for ongoing cost reduction.

Tyre operating prices are in fact almost on par with fuel, so there is huge scope for savings in the tyre department. This saving potential alone is enough to urge users to take any necessary steps to extract the maximum performance possible from their tyre assets.

Forming the very foundation for ensuring mining vehicles operate at their peak in order to deliver on-going production efficiency on the worksite, tyres choice plays a crucial role in the daily operations of mine sites.

Choosing patterns and compounds that are suitable for each specific application can therefore be directly linked to productivity improvements and long-term cost reductions. Application-specific tyres therefore play a significant role in the bottom line, as well as improving workplace safety for both machinery and operators.

Ultimately, making the right tyre choice can make the difference between an underperforming or excelling mine-site. By ensuring the right tyres are fitted for loader, ADT and haul trucks every time, mine, procurement and maintenance managers can move towards maximising their production, efficiency and safety well into the future.

Trust your tyres

TFI Tyres are specialists in top-grade OTR tyre products and provide cheaper alternatives to major brands, without compromising quality or performance. With over 80 years’ experience working with earthmover tyres and an established presence in the Australian industry, TFI Tyres know tyres and know the unique needs of specific applications and geographic regions in the country.  

TFI Tyres has a philosophy of ensuring the right tyre meets the right application, and operates an extensive national sales team and distribution network, ensuring each customer receives high service levels, the right advice, and the perfect product to meet their specific OTR tyre requirements. 

TFI Tyres works closely with each customer to provide an entire tyre solution – not just a tyre.

TFI Tyres specialises in supplying tyres with different tread patterns and special compounds through its two premium-quality OTR tyre brands for the earthmoving sector: BKT, for radial and bias tyres, and TY Cushion, for resilient tyres – both of which have strong market presences and solid reputations across the globe.

For more information on TFI Tyres and how they can provide the best solution for you, download their whitepaper here.

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