CFMEU want tyre investigation after death at Dawson mine

The CFMEU has called for an investigation into tyre-related fatalities after a man died at Anglo American’s Dawson mine on Monday.

It is believed the man was killed after a tyre exploded at about 5:30 am local time.

A second man was injured in the incident, reportedly suffering a shoulder injury, and was taken to Theodore Hospital for treatment.

This is the third fatality related to tyres in the past few years, and CFMEU boss Stephen Smyth wants greater safety measures put in place.

"This is the third fatal accident for the company following two accidents at Anglo American's mine site in Middlemount last year,” Smyth said.

"All governments and regulators need to start implementing recommendations to these mining companies to prevent these types of incidents. It's unacceptable that one person loses their life."

Last year a coronial inquest was carried out into the death of Wayne Robert MacDonald in 2010 at Anglo American's Foxleigh coal mine, after he was killed when changing a tyre on a trailer

In his assessment of the incident Queensland Coroner David O'Connell noted that at present there is no Australian Standard applicable to large diameter wheels and tyres, up to 24 inches.

 “What is disappointing is that prior inquests in Queensland have made recommendations for an Australian Standard to be revised (in the Inquest of Marshall) or alternatively reviewed or created (in the Inquest of Davis), but so far it appears to have simply fallen upon deaf ears,” he said.

O’Connell said every new or repaired tyre should undergo integrity testing by its inflation in a suitable tyre inflation cage to a pressure of 120% of the tyre’s recommended minimum cold operational inflation pressure, and then left for 20 minutes to test its integrity, before its pressure is reduced to its recommended minimum operating pressure before being fitted for use.

He also said a trolley jack with an extended handle be used to avoid such close proximity to the tyres.

Anglo American said it would carry out a full investigation into the latest fatality.

"Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families, friends and colleagues of the two people involved.”

"We will work closely with the Inspectorate to conduct a thorough investigation."

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