CFMEU takes swipe at policies in new TV ads

A new national campaign by the CFMEU is set to launch TV ads which will put pressure on the government by highlighting issues around foreign labour, manufacturing assistance and better support for resource workers and their families.

The new campaign, launched in Canberra yesterday at the union’s national conference, aims to create a debate about how best to distribute the wealth of the mining boom by showing who needs the most assistance.

The Let’s spread it around campaign tells the story of Australian’s looking for work while mining companies import foreign workers.

The ad tells us that mining resources belong to all Australians and not just the mining companies and that there are ‘two sides to every story’, a tagline aimed at the way in which some people get a lucky break into the industry while others struggle to find work.

CFMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor says the campaign aimed to push for "good public policies that get better outcomes for working people and their families".

"We want to ensure that the voices of our members and their families and communities are heard in Canberra and around the country."

The union wants local workers to have first rights to local jobs over foreign workers and are calling for the issue to be legislated, effectively questioning the much publicised skills shortage within the industry.

"On the evidence that we have from our members who are looking for work, that have skills, that are willing to move or willing to partake in fly-in, fly-put work, often they cannot even get an interview," he said.

"So there seems to be a disconnect with the claims made by the mining companies about skill shortages, and what unemployed members of ours and people in the community are telling us about trying to get job opportunities."

Take a look at one of the new ads below. What do you think?


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