Centrex Chairman steps down

The chairman of Centrex Metals has announced his resignation.

Centrex Metals chairman David Lindh has announced he will resign this week.

Stating that he will officially step down from the position at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, Lindh said he will be replaced by David Klinberg.

This resignation follows Centrex receiving approval from the South Australian Government for its Bungalow magnetite iron ore joint venture with Chinese miner Baotou Iron and Steel Group as well as its continuing close work with Wuhan Iron and Steel.

Speaking to MINING DAILY, Centrex managing director Gerard Anderson said that Lindh’s decision to resign will not have any bearing on the two ongoing Chinese joint ventures and is unlikely to change the current direction of the miner.

Anderson went on to say that the new chairman, David Klingberg, has served as an executive director at Centrex since 2005, adding that it is unlikely there will be any significant shift in strategic direction under Klinberg.

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