Centennial wants to extend Myuna mine

Centennial Coal has lodged plans to extend the life of its Myuna mine at Wangi Wangi until 2031.

If approved, the life of the mine at Lake Macquarie would be extended for another 20 years and increase coal extraction from 1.3 million tonnes to 2 million tonnes per year.

The company is looking to mine in the current lease area and beyond, and will use the current bord and pillar techniques.

The environmental assessment, which is on public display until 21 April, says the extension will have little impact on alluvial aquifers, existing alluvial groundwater users or underground ecosystems.

Centennial Coal’s chief executive Bob Cameron was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Mining at last year’s Prospect Awards for his commitment to workplace safety.

Most notably, Cameron was behind a push to ban smoking in mines.

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