Caterpillar introduces latest ultra-class trucks

Cat 796 AC mining truck

Caterpillar has expanded its range of ultra-class mining trucks with a pair of new vehicles, the Cat 798 AC and Cat 796 AC.

Both trucks will be available in second quarter 2019. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) promises to give its customers the flexibility to choose what meets their needs and preferences with the new vehicles.

The electric-drive 798 AC features a 372-tonne payload and joins the mechanical-drive Cat 797F in this class (400 short tons). The electric drive 796 AC delivers a 326-tonne payload and will replace the Cat 795 AC in regions where engine emissions are highly regulated.

According to Caterpillar, the design of its latest trucks focuses on delivering class-leading payload, high reliability and simple serviceability.

Caterpillar has built these attributes on a frame and chassis design developed over 18 million hours of legacy truck operation, and now used by the Cat 794 AC.

The AC powertrain of each truck draws from the Cat 795 AC and Cat 794 AC, which have operated for about five million hours.

Caterpillar develops and manufactures the Cat AC electric drive.

The Cat C175-16 diesel engine powers both of the trucks. To further adapt to the mine, software changes can adjust system power to help meet production targets or to work in mixed fleets.

Caterpillar, in a statement, said the 796 AC and 798 AC were built for efficient production.

“Both truck models are designed to minimise empty machine weight, as configured in the field. The design enables the 798 AC to carry its class-leading payload of 372 tonnes and to haul more material each cycle on 59/80R63 tire,” Caterpillar said.

“The new trucks feature four-corner, oil-cooled disc brakes as well as dynamic braking for stable handling and fast stopping. Superior retarding capability, blended braking and the Cat Traction Control System help boost productivity while enhancing safety.”

The Cat AC drive is a high voltage system (2600 volts) that, according to Caterpillar, operates at lower current than most competitors’ systems. The Cat High Efficiency (HE) Body is sized and configured to meet the specific needs of the mine, dictated by fragmentation, abrasion, cohesion and the loading tool.

Open engine access and service platforms ease maintenance tasks, while the modular design allows for easy removal and installation of components, Caterpillar added.

The Cat 798 AC mining truck

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