Cat partners with Modustri to develop machine monitoring

Caterpillar has entered into a strategic alliance with Modustri to develop better machine wear measurement.

“We’re always looking for ways to step up our game,” Doug Hoerr, vice president of the Reman, Components and Work Tools Division of Caterpillar, said.

“Our relationship with Modustri will allow us to take advantage of emerging technology that gives our customers more information on parts and components to maximise uptime. The days of being reactive are over.” 

The two will focus on innovations based on web-based and mobile platforms to deliver real time machine wear data while the equipment is still in the field.

“This technology could save customers hundreds of hours and millions of dollars by proactively helping Cat dealers and customers better measure wear rates and manage wear parts replacements—including those from other suppliers,” Caterpillar said in a company statement.

“We’ve seen how mobile technology can change the behaviours of customers; now we can see hardware and software that can help dealers interact with customers and plan ahead for maintenance and parts replacements,” Brian Steketee, Modustri’s CEO, stated.

“We are at the forefront of a revolution in the heavy equipment industry,” Greg Folley, vice president of the newly formed Analytics & Innovation Division of Caterpillar, said.

“Emerging technologies are changing the way we can help customers maintain a competitive advantage and achieve new levels of equipment productivity and profitability. Our alliance with Modustri will be key in making this happen."

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