Cat launches new smartphone

Cat phones has launched its Cat S40 rugged smartphone.

“Too many people are left out-of-pocket due to damaged smartphones. With the refined, rugged design of the S40 we are able to offer a device that looks sleek, runs the latest version of Android and provides the levels of protection needed by those who work outdoors and in challenging environments,” Oliver Schulte, chief executive officer of Bullitt Mobile, said.

The phone has been tested by dropping it 5.9 feet onto hard concrete, with the device still working.

Added benefits to the phone include being water, dust, and shock resistant aswell as having Wet-Finger technology, making the phone unique from other rugged phones in the market.

In a recent Cat phones survey of smartphone users, 80 percent of respondents admitted they damaged a handset in the last five years. Half of the participants had cracked or shattered the display, and just under half had damaged a phone by accidentally dropping or immersing it in water.

A handful of professional tradesmen and outdoor workers emphasised that damaging handsets in demanding work environments is a common problem. More than half of those surveyed cracked or broke their phone screen. The perceived lack of attractive, rugged alternatives was a key reason for the use of unsuitable devices.

The phone has full access to the app store featuring the latest relevant app for working in the outdoors as well as full access to goggle play.

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