Cat launches new rotary drill

Caterpillar has released its new rotary blasthole drill – the MD6420B for hard and soft rock drilling.

Designed for heavy open pit and surfacemining, Cat says the new model of drill has a range of features from the ultra-class to the mid-size rotary drill line.

This includes greater operating fuel efficiency, safer and more precise electro-hydraulic controls, computer controlled drilling, as well as the automation of certain functions, most likely through Caterpillar's integrated MineStar system.

It provides a bit load force of 42 000 kilograms as well as three different mast lengths of 10, 13, or 16 metres.

The MD6420B can drill holes as wide as 311 millimetres in diameter and has a multi-pass depth of 74.4 metres, which Cat says"makes it ideal for high-production drilling in both hard- or soft-rock applications".

It has a single pass hole depth of 12.8 to15.8 metres with a working height of 62 500 kilograms.

The rotary blasthole drill features heavy duty structures, including a new Cat 345 undercarraige with GLT, and a cascading and self-levelling staircase that improves entry and exit from the deck.

While it has fewer hydraulic components and hoses for improved hard pipe routing, the MD6420B other components are ruggedised.

It has three powertrain configurations tochoose from, ranging from a 56.6 m3/min (2,000 cfm) at 6.9 bar (100 psi) which is standard with a Tier 2 engine at 627 kW (850 hp) at 1,800 rpm; a 67.9 m3/min(2,400 cfm) at 6.9 bar (100 psi) with an engine rated at 627 kW (850 hp) at2,100 rpm; and a 42.5 m3/min (1,500 cfm) at 10.3/24.1/34.4 bar (150/350/500psi) with an engine rated at 746 kW (1000 hp) at 1,800 rpm

Internally it features a comfortable cab with reduced vibration and sound levels down to around 77 decibels, and a working area of 4.85 metres square.

It has reduced cycle times, and also hasTerrain for Drilling.


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