Cat 797F mining truck passes the emissions test

Cat 797F mining truck.

The Cat 797F ultra-class mining truck has become available in a fuel-efficient configuration that meets US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

Through more than 16,000 hours of pilot machine operation and 100,000 hours of production truck operation in Tier 4 configuration, the system has proven its ability to deliver strong performance and greater fuel efficiency compared to the Tier 2 797F in most applications.

The 797F Tier 4 Final is equipped with an exhaust aftertreatment system featuring selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to lower emissions.

To maintain superior reliability, the 797F aftertreatment system uses less than 11 per cent new content. Designed for easy serviceability with readily accessible components, the modular aftertreatment system is aligned with truck preventive maintenance intervals to maintain high availability.

The 797F is powered by the 2983 kilowatts Cat C175-20 engine, available with optimised fuel maps for customers focused on the lowest fuel burn, Tier 2 equivalent rating, and now Tier 4 Final.

Known for delivering class-leading payload and speed-on-grade performance, the 797F delivers the same production performance in Tier 2 and Tier 4 Final configurations.

Beyond offering similar performance, the Tier 4 Final 797F reduces total specific fluid consumption costs (fuel plus DEF) in most applications. Lower fuel burn results in longer engine life and lower repair costs.

Field evaluations of the low-emissions 797F included a wide range of applications, including oil sands, deep pit copper, iron ore and coal.

The trucks exceeded production targets and demonstrated strong engine performance in all applications, including sites with extreme ambient temperatures as well as some with altitudes greater than 4877 metres.

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