Carbon capture trial a success: CSIRO

CSIRO scientists trialling carbon emission capture technology at a Southern Queensland power station say the operation has been successful.

The post-combustion pilot which has been run over three years uses a special liquid to capture carbon from the Tarong power station flue, ABC reports.

CSIRO scientist Dr Paul Feron explained the test reduced carbon emissions by 90 per cent using chemical compounds called amines.

"The next step is to come up with better technology, better liquids which can absorb more CO2, which take a lot less energy to generate," he said.

"Those are things that we're currently developing in the lab."

Feron said they have proven the technique works and they are now researching how to improve its efficiency.

"Because eventually those are the guys who are going to build these large-scale capture plants," he said.

"That's another value that this pilot plant has – small as it may be – but it has that value to these technology vendors as well, that it can validate the technologies which they are also developing themselves."

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