Canavan launches initiative to boost mining jobs, opportunities

Matt Canavan

The Australian Government has unveiled a new taskforce aimed at helping ensure the longevity of the local mining industry, with focus on developing more jobs and global opportunities.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan said the Resources 2030 Taskforce would be charged with identifying reforms that would help secure the resources sector’s future.

The Australian Government will use a report from the taskforce to develop a Resources Statement in the second half of 2018.

“This will be the first time since the late 1990s that the Australian Government has mapped out a policy statement for the sector,” Canavan said. “A Resources Statement will allow us to better deal with the changes in technology and community expectations so we can remain competitive and capture new opportunities.

“A successful resources policy will mean more jobs; more opportunities for Australian businesses to succeed on the global stage; and more flow-on benefits to other businesses and industries in regional Australia.

“By working closely with Australian and international companies, utilising our research capability, and engaging communities, we can build an even stronger resources industry.”

The Taskforce will be led by Andrew Cripps, the former Queensland Resources Minister, who will report to Canavan by August.

Canavan said the mining industry had never been as important to the global economy as it was now.

“The modern world relies on a more diverse list of minerals for a greater range of products than at any other time,” Canavan said.

“There are more than 25 minerals or metals that go into the construction of a mobile phone, and 18 of them are produced in Australia. There are 16 minerals and metals that go into the manufacture of a solar panel, Australia produces 10 of them.

“The mining boom is not over. Mining is as important as it has ever been and its importance to the Australian economy is only likely to increase.”

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