Calls for women to consider mining career

An industry dinner will see more than a hundred potential future miners come together to consider a career in the industry.

The dinner is held to encourage high school students to consider the opportunities mining offers.

Guests at tonight’s Careers in Mining dinner include mining professors, past and present from the University of NSW, University of Newcastle, as well as representatives from Xstrata Coal and the NSW Minerals Council.

Sue-Ern Tan, deputy CEO of the NSW MC, stated that it’s a valuable chance for local students and their families to learn more about the careers available in the NSW mining industry.

From mining and mechanical engineering to environmental science and construction, the NSW minerals industry offers a range of attractive career paths to students from this region,” Tan said.

“I am particularly pleased with the number of female speakers attending the dinner to highlight their own experiences and success within the NSW minerals industry. In NSW, women now represent 10% of the workforce in what has traditionally been a male dominated industry.

“As a professional woman working in the mining sector, I am personally keen to see that percentage continue to grow and I hope many of the young women present tonight consider joining our industry.”

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