Calls for a regional ‘fair go’

NSW Minerals Council chief executive Nikki Williams a 'fair go' for regional NSW in Australia's plans to tackle climate change.

New South Wales Minerals Council chief executive Nikki Williams will use today’s Environment and Community Conference in Wollongong to call for a ‘fair go’ for regional NSW in Australia’s plans to tackle climate change, she said this morning.

“Climate change is a real problem, but we need to be part of a global solution that will not unfairly disadvantage regional NSW,” Williams said.

More than 200 delegates will hear from climate change experts, environmental specialists and mining professionals at the conference, which will be opened by NSW Minister for Mineral Resources Ian Macdonald.

According to Williams, if climate change plans go ahead in their present state it will cause significant damage to the State’s regional areas.

“A recent study suggests almost 15,000 jobs will disappear from NSW by 2030 if there is a new green tax in Australia before an international agreement,” she said.

“Instead of spending money on new green technology and growing business in regional NSW, mining companies will be forced to buy carbon permits and their international competitors will get off scotfree.

“That could have a devastating effect on families and businesses in regional NSW who will face shrinking investment in their communities and much higher living costs.”

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