Calls for a new runway at Perth Airport

Qantas chief Alan Joyce agrees that Perth Airport needs a third runaway, saying congestion and longer taxiing times were a major problem.

The calls for a third runway comes after reports in early October that mining companies will have to pay more to use Perth Airport during peak hours because of  the congestion caused by FIFO workers.

Moving the miners has been blamed for long queues on Perth’s tarmac, especially during the early morning rush.

Joyce told the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday that "there is a problem with airport infrastructure in Perth.” However, he warned the cost of building a third runway was the responsibility of airport owners, The West Australian reported.

"I don't see why airlines today should be funding airport infrastructure for the future and pre-paying for infrastructure that is giving us no benefit today and in some cases for our competitors to get access to it," Joyce said.

Perth Airport chief executive Brad Geatches said discussions were underway with both mining and airline companies about funding for the new runway.

Geatches also pointed to the rising demand for space as ‘being driven by the resource sector’ and said  increases to landing and takeoff fees were being considered.

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