Calling for entries to the 2008 Lift of the Year Awards

Nominations for the Lift of the Year Awards must be received by July 31, 2008. Get your entry in today.

Australian Minings sister publication Construction Contractor, in association with the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), recognises excellence and innovation in the Australian crane industry with the annual crane awards presented at the CICA conference. Entries for the 2008 Lift of the Years Awards close on July 31, 2008.

Members of the state crane associations affiliated with CICA are eligible to nominate for the lift awards, which can be undertaken by cranes or jacks, helicopters, gantries and other non-crane devices. Lifts or lifting programs must be completed between July 1 of the prior year and six weeks prior to the commencement of the CICA conference at which the award takes place, and must take place in Australia.

More than one entry may be made by a member, but the judging panel reserves the right to limit the number of entries from any one member.

Entrants must have a representative registered as a delegate at the national crane conference and dinner, who will make a six-minute presentation on the lift at the conference. This person (or another nominee from the company) must also be available at the dinner to receive the award and make a brief three minute presentation. The representative is not required to be an employee of the entrant, but Construction Contractor and the organisers of the conference must be made aware of name of the presenter in advance of the conference.

Visual aids (a PowerPoint presentation, a short video or slides) must be used in the presentation. Because of strict programming requirements of the conference, presentations will be cut short if they exceed the time limit. However, in recognition that six minutes may be insufficient to cover the detail of some lifts, entrants are welcome to prepare supplementary handouts for attendees, should they wish to do so.

Publicity, both within Construction Contractor and elsewhere, is important to the ongoing success of the awards.

Entrants should, therefore, provide images of their lift (either digital or photographic) of sufficient quality to be reproduced in a magazine.

Two lifting awards are made:


This category is open to entries using cranes over 60t lifting capacity. The entries must contain information detailed according to the criteria outlined below.


This category is open to entries using cranes up to 60t lifting capacity and requires the detail outlined below.

An elegant trophy is presented to the winner of each category. In cases where entries exhibit outstanding merit but are not adjudged winners of their category, the judging panel may, at its discretion, award merit certificates in each category.

The Con Popov Memorial Award recognises outstanding contributions to the crane industry. Nominations of suitable candidates are made through the state associations, and a CICA panel selects the winner and advises Construction Contractor. A trophy is presented to the winner of this prestigious award.

Criteria for Category A

(For cranes over 60t lifting capacity)

Project Methods (25)

Resources utilised – 5

Efficiency of operation – 8

Innovative techniques – 12

This category looks at the approach to the job, rewarding selection of methods and equipment that give the best solution for the client, the efficient use of these resources, the level of innovation in the methods and equipment used.

Customer Satisfaction (5)

This category looks at how well the applicant met or exceeded the expectations of the client and other interested parties eg the public, council, workplace health & safety, etc. A letter of endorsement from the client and other external parties will be regarded highly as evidence of this satisfaction.

Presentation of Entry (6)

This category evaluates the presentation of the applicant’s entry. It measures how well the applicant addresses the judging criteria, and how clearly and concisely this is done. It rewards appropriate supporting material such as diagrams, photographs, documentation and video.

The application should be easy to follow, with a brief summary of the project and the resources used followed by an outline ranking the major demands on the applicant, the reasons for the nominated lift deserving consideration for an award, and a more detailed presentation that addresses all criteria clearly and in sequence, with cross-references to supporting material.

Planning and Control (23)

Quality of work – 5

Risk assessment & OH&S factors – 8

Engineering controls – 5

Contract time management – 5

This category looks at the degree to which a quality control plan was prepared and followed for the lift, the manner in which risks were identified and addressed, and contingencies covered, the degree to which calculations were made to cover all stages of lift, and address other relevant issues such as ground support, and the degree to which resources were used efficiently and effectively, and the lift timetable was met. An aspect of this category is the level and effectiveness of communication with external affected parties.

Site Conditions (24)

Environmental factors – 6

Physical difficulties – 6

Location logistics – 6

Climatic and ground conditions – 6

This category looks at difficulties imposed by environmental factors such as the presence of water courses or sensitive areas, noise restrictions, proximity of housing, physical difficulties such as access or working area restrictions, logistical difficulties in having the load and lifting devices in position at the planned time, and difficulties imposed by the weather and ground conditions.

Risk (17)

Design complexity – 6

Technical complexity – 6

Compliance to Australian Standards and manufacturer specification – 5

This category evaluates the degree of risk (and its management) associated with the complexity of the designed lift, the complexity of the engineering calculations required to ensure that the lift was completed safely, and the degree to which the lift was always within the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the equipment used, and complied with all safety standards and safe working practices. Crane load charts should be provided as part of the application. The weight and capacity of rigging used, safety factors used, lifting radius of crane(s) during the lift(s), and capacity of any other load-supporting devices used should be noted.

NOTE: Every entry should be accompanied by a declaration that the lift was always within the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the equipment used, and complied with all safety standards and safe working practices. Any lift that does not comply with safety practices, or exceeds the SWL of a lifting device, will automatically be disqualified.

Criteria for Category B

(For cranes up to 60t lifting capacity)

This category has less detailed entry requirements. The following should be provided:

– Application

– Job location

– Client

– Equipment utilised

– Description of the job

– Difficulties associated with the job, and how they were overcome

– Selection of photographs (or a PowerPoint/video) to illustrate the job

– Crane load charts

– Weight and capacity of rigging used, safety factors used, lifting radius of crane(s) during the lift(s), and

capacity of any other load-supporting devices used should be noted.

– Declaration that the lift was always within the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the equipment used, and complied with all safety standards and safe working practices

NOTE: Any lift that does not comply with safety practices, or exceeds the SWL of a lifting device or rigging, will automatically be disqualified.

Judges will award points based on:

– Methods used (10)

– Planning and control (10)

– Site and lifting conditions (10)

– Risk (10)

The Judging Decision

CICA will appoint a judging panel (including chairperson) drawn from the industry, who have a record of experience and achievement that lends credibility to the awards.

Judging for Category A will be made according to the judging criteria, and points will be allocated to the applicants in accordance with these criteria. The entry with the highest aggregate point score will be declared the winner.

The winner of Category B will be determined by the aggregate point score.

The chairperson of the judging panel will advise Construction Contractor, in writing, of the winner of each award.

Should any merit certificates be awarded, the chairperson will also advise Construction Contractor of these winners, and the reasons for the awards.

The judging panel’s decisions will remain confidential until their presentation at the CICA conference.

The judging panel’s decisions will be final and will not be subject to any review.

How to enter

Forward (by hand, courier or registered post) the written submission and any supporting videos, photographs, documentation together with a $55 entry fee* by cheque made payable to ‘Construction Contractor’, to arrive there by the published closing date. The mailing address is:

Crane Awards

Construction Contractor

Locked Bag 2999

Chatswood DC, NSW 2067

NOTE: *This fee is non-refundable except where the judging panel decides to restrict the number of entries.

Notify Construction Contractor of the nomination, by fax to (02) 9422 2936, prior to or when the entry is mailed. Early notification of intent to enter would be appreciated.

Required material:

1. Two copies of the nomination text (as outlined in the criteria of the relevant category), bound in separate folders of no larger than A4 size

2. Relevant plans, diagrams, charts, photographs or graphs, bound in each folder

3. Two photographs for publicity purposes

4. A video where possible

5. A signed copy of the relevant declaration form

NOTE: Winners and finalists will be required to make a brief three-minute presentation at the dinner.

Construction Contractor reserves the right to use any material submitted for publicity in its own magazine or any other outlet, unless the entrant has advised in writing that this cannot be published.

Kevin Gomez


Construction Contractor

02 9422 2936

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