Calling all women working in the NSW mining sector

The NSW Minerals Council is seeking women with experience in the state’s mining industry to fill out a quick survey so it can better understand how to attract and retain females to the sector.

The data will be used in the Women in Mining NSW report, an initiative set up by the council which aims to find out the benefits and challenges for women working in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

The council is also calling on women who have left sector to share their experiences.

The NSW Minerals council said their final report will give a wider understanding on the number of women working in the industry and their roles, profiles of industry ambassadors and examples of company best practice.  

While the industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for females and comes with added advantages of above average wages and travel opportunities, women still remain underrepresented in the sector.

In NSW, women represent only 11 per cent of mining’s workforce and only 15.1 per cent nationally.

However, the industry has long-recognised the importance of attracting women to the sector, with many companies implementing initiatives to help females realise their career objectives including mentoring , family friendly rosters and affordable childcare.

To have your say what the industry is doing well to attract women to its coffers and what it needs to work on, please click here.

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