Bus-in, bus-out to enable 1300 new Galilee Basin coal jobs

New GVK Hancock coal mines in the Galilee Basin will offer a bus-in, bus-out service to stimulate up to 1300 new jobs in the region.

The three new projects – Alpha, Alpha West and Kevin’s Corner – will rely primarily on FIFO workers, however a bus service will transport workers to and from sites, taking in towns between Emerald and Barcaldine, as well as further afield.

A spokesman for GVK Hancock said the Alpha and Kevin’s Corner projects are anticipated to require a workforce of 4000 direct employees, and that 20 to 30 per cent of these employees will be local hires.

Fatigue management policies and conditions of employment will require local workers to commit to personal journey management plans for travel between terminal points and the airport.

Travel plans will be drawn up on an individual, case-by-case basis for all local workers and included in their contractual conditions of employment.

“The focus of all this is to make sure we don’t have fatigued people driving around central Queensland, that’s not what we want to be happening,” the spokesman said.

“That’s why we want to sit down with everyone individually and asking, “how would you be getting transported from the mustering points?”

“What we don’t want to do is see people finish their shift, get bussed to wherever, then get in their car and drive tired.”

The spokesman said GVK Hancock wanted to find the right balance of local workers at the mine without having an adverse impact on local real estate prices or levels of employment in the area.

Once developed the mines are expected to have operational lifespans of more than 30 years.

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