Buru Energy valve undergoes further inspection.

A leaking valve at a gas well in the Kimberley has been removed for further inspection, after allegations of sabotage.

The Yulleroo 2 gas well, owned by Buru Energy, was found by Department of Mines and Petroleum investigators to have been intentionally damaged.

The DMP instructed Buru to replace the valve, then give it to the DMP safety branch for inspection by a specialist valve service company.

WA Police are currently attempting to identify the saboteur.

Buru Energy executive chairman Eric Streitberg said that aside from the damaged valve, the well was in excellent condition, the West Australian reported.

The valve was alleged to be damaged by someone who had illegally crossed the fencing boundary around the valve.

Members of anti-fracking group Lock The Gate entered the fenced-off well area to take video footage of a gas meter reading near the valve.

Local environment group Kimberley Environs reported the leak to the media and the DMP.

Both Lock The Gate and Kimberley Environs have contended that the well integrity of Yulleroo 2 has been comprimised.

Image: Frack Free Kimberly Community

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