Bundaberg luring FIFO miners

The city of Bundaberg, in Queensland, is trying to lure fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) mine workers.

Bundaberg Mayor Lorraine Pyefinch told the ABC the council is discussing the possibility of creating nes flights from the city to mining areas including Gladstone, where a third billion dollar gas project was approved last week.

Pyefinch said FIFO workers would contribute greatly to the local economy.

"Any new job opportunities are important to the local economy," she said.

"It means that money earned in those areas is actually spent back where they live and certainly from a lifestyle point of view people would actively choose to live in an area like the Wide Bay Burnett and certainly Bundaberg, rather than perhaps in a mining town."

"We’ve certainly been working with the existing operator and also other airlines on a variety of route options that they might find attractive and one of those is certainly flying north and if fly-in, fly-out can’t be achieved initially, then certainly bus-in, bus-out might be an option as well."

Bundaberg is one of the many places throughout Australia trying to improve its reputation and attractiveness to mine workers and cash in on the lucrative market.

Earlier in the year, David Flanagan from Atlas iron told Australian Mining moves by governments to seize potential benefits from the mining boom are a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to build communities.

“You can’t just have resource boom and everything is fixed life,” he said.

“Things like growth in demand for mining resources is stretching social infrastructure, it can make a good place truly great with long term sustainable development.

“There’s a bit of list there but once you’ve got long term infrastructure, it is an achievable goal.”

Yesterday Orange in the New South Wales central west was labeled a new “hub” for FIFO workers flying into Telfer in Western Australia.

The increased competition between companies to attract and retain workers in the midst of the skills shortage has led Newcrest Mining to fly the workers directly from Orange to Telfer, bypassing the Perth stopover to avoid workers being poached at the city’s airport.

Image: Queensland Government



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