Bulldozer collides with coal truck

A man was trapped this morning after a bulldozer collided with a coal truck near Blackwater.

 A man was trapped inside a bulldozer this morning after it collided with a coal truck near Blackwater.

The man managed to escape serious injury and was taken to Blackwater hospital, according to the Courier Mail.

However, according to ABC Capriconia, the truck driver was the one who was trapped, reportedly by his legs, after the vehicles ran into one another.

He was trapped for an hour and a half after the two collided when the bulldozer backed into the truck at around 5:30 this morning.

Rescue services managed to the free the man by around 7am.


Police are now investigating the incident which occured at Boonall Coal Loadout for the Yarrabee and Jellinbah mines, according to the Daily Mercury.

All operations have been suspended on site.


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