BulkExpert order brings digital efficiency to Brazil’s iron ore export terminals

FLSmidth has received an order for its BulkExpert digital solution from a customer in Brazil.

The solution will fully automate the stockyard operation of two large iron ore shipping export terminals in the south of the country.

BulkExpert is a digital solution that allows for the unmanned, fully automated and optimised movement of material handling equipment in dry bulk terminals.

It does this by using a 3D laser scanning system, RTK-GPS technologies and state of the art control software that processes proprietary algorithms to enable fully autonomous operation.

The BulkExpert order comprises a core digital solution and advanced automation for three stockyard machines at one port and eight stockyard machines at the other (including standalone and combined stackers and bucket wheel (BW) reclaimers).

“We are delighted to receive this repeat order for the BulkExpert as it is a clear indication of the customer’s satisfaction with the current BulkExpert solution at their terminal stockyard in South East Asia, which has been operational for five years,” FLSmidth chief digital officer Mikko Tepponen said.

“The order is a clear vote of confidence for FLSmidth’s work during the feasibility stage and for our focus on high-performing, productivity-providing digital solutions.”

FLSmidth head of digital global product line management Ole Knudsen added: “As this was a complex and key project for the customer, we worked especially closely and comprehensively with them to ensure perfect alignment on scheduling and implementation. This work will mean an increase in productivity without loss of production due to downtime.”

The solution will deliver several clear benefits to the customer, including higher throughput, greater efficiency and increased guaranteed performance.

Extended machine life and reduced maintenance can also be expected due to lower stress on the machinery.

The BulkExpert solution will be fully integrated with the customer’s own systems and will provide safer remote operations thanks to technical innovations like an enhanced anti-collision and collision-avoidance system.

Elsewhere, quality management will keep track of all material movements in the stockyard, while a sophisticated material blending control will reduce quality deviations, enabling the customer to save valuable natural resources. 

Advancing MissionZero: Through digital optimisation, BulkExpert significantly reduces stockyard energy consumption by optimising the operation of the stockyard equipment and stockyard infrastructure.

Simultaneously, BulkExpert reduces, or even fully eliminates, the need for the heavily polluting manually operated dozers and loaders. These benefits provide a good example of how FLSmidth enables mining customers to move towards zero impact mining.

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