Broken Hill miners to be payed by performance

A pay by performance model has been agreed upon at Perilya's silver, lead and zinc mine at Broken Hill.

Unions have agreed to accept the new pay model which will see 15% of a miners’ pay based on productivity expectations and safety. Miners will also receive a pay rise over several years.

A similar pay structure was rejected by a union vote back in May, but CFMEU Broken Hill president Greg Brae says this time, miners understood the agreement which is why they voted yes, the ABC reported.

"You're not going to please everyone all the time, that's just not going to happen, but we need to make sure that people have got jobs and to the best of our abilities that their jobs are secure, and hopefully, potentially, there's more jobs in the future. We can get things going the right way," Braes said.

General manager of Perilya's mine, Andrew Lord says miners will be evaluated on issues including how many safety meetings they attend and what was produced by miners in relation to expectations.

"Part of that aim is to individually reward people for performance around known KPIs, which are all around safety and productivity."

"The last 12 months or so have been pretty tough. I'd have to say the last month, month and a half, we've seen changes to the metal prices, which has made things a lot easier, but we need to future-proof, which is the way I call it, the Broken Hill operations," he said.

The CFMEU says it wants to keep the mine viable by eventually growing staff numbers and by taking on young apprentices.

The new agreement comes into force immediately.

Image: ABC

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