Broken Hill Council look to buy $1.3 million mineral collection

Broken Hill City Council are looking to buy a collection of more than 8000 mineral pieces valued at around $1.3 million so they remain in the local community.

Local resident Milton Lavers has been collecting the pieces since he was four years old however the ABC reports that due to ill health, he is looking to sell his life's work.

Councillor Peter Black said a sub-committee of councillors will be set up to work out how to raise the money to buy the collection.

He said the collection is important to Broken Hill's history and does not want to see minerals lost to the town.

"It's not only about the minerals of Broken Hill but a comprehensive look at the minerals of Broken Hill," he said.

"It would be a great adornment for the council."

Black hopes the money can be raised from people who grew up in Broken Hill that have made it big in the mining industry.

"I believe that we go to industry – I have friends in industry," he said.

"I believe we should go and approach those in a sensible way with a constructive proposition about why we should be looking at acquiring a great collection for Broken Hill to ensure the best of it remains entire and in Broken Hill, its birthplace."

Current mining techniques using explosives means it is very rare to find whole mineral pieces like the ones featured in Lavers collection.

Image: Bessie Blore

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