Bringing together mining and agriculture

The Queensland Government has taken steps to improve the relationship between farmers and miners.

The Queensland Government has taken what it calls a positive step in realising its Land Access Strategy and improving the often problematic relationship between farmers and resource companies.

State Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson said changes proposed this week to the current land access requirements will help in creating a more manageable and evenhanded regime.

According to Robertson, Queensland cabinet approved legislative amendments designed to improve landholders’ rights when their land is accessed for exploration by making the process more consistent and transparent.

“This is about providing certainty to all stakeholders about their respective rights and responsibilities when it comes to land access,” he said.

“We believe these changes will provide the solutions for both the resource companies and the landholders to co-exist and make a living off the land.”

Established in 2008, the Land Access Working Group in an effort to bring together the resource industry, the farming sector and State Government in order to find a way for all three to work together.

“The resource and agricultural sectors are the backbone of the rural and regional Queensland economy and their co-existence is critical to the long term economic prosperity of the State,” Robertson said.

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