Breathe Safely with a Respirable Particulate Mitigation Ecosystem

Breathe-safe is a proud Australian manufacturer of high-efficiency air filtration and air conditioning systems (HVAC) for mining and construction equipment. We supply intelligent, custom designed fresh air cabin pressurisation units with high-efficiency particulate filters (HEPA as standard) for fixed, mobile plant equipment and site buildings.

Breathe-safe products and services:

  • Clean air technology for mining equipment
  • Fresh air filter/pressuriser for fixed and mobile plant equipment
  • HEPA filters to mitigate respirable dust
  • Digital in-cabin display and controllers with warning light/alarm
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 option
  • One supplier one solution of: HEPA Pressuriser, HVAC and cabin sealing
  • Onsite installations & training
  • Aerosol (DPM, gas & fumes) mitigation with activated carbon filter
  • Custom air conditioning design, upgrades and installation
  • Clean air pressurisation to protect sensitive components
  • Onsite HEPA filter testing & auditing

By innovating custom built state of the art systems with high efficiency brushless blowers & our custom designed automatic cabin pressure control. We can control the correct volume of ambient air being forced into the cabin which in turn dramatically increases the service life of the filter further reducing service & maintenance costs over the service life of the vehicle.

To learn more about RPME – respirable particulate mitigation ecosystem – contact Breathe-safe here.

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