Bravery medal due to Beaconsfield rescuers

Eight years after the tragedy at the Beaconsfield gold mine, the Governor-General has recognised a number of rescuers involved in the safe return of survivors Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

Among the recipients of the National Bravery Awards medal were 11 Ambulance Tasmania paramedics, and four members of a low-intensity explosives crew.

Scott Franklin, Darren Flanagan, Jeremy Rowlings and the late Brett Chalmers will be awarded for their hard work during 12 hour shifts at depths of up to 925m, to rescue the survivors.

The medals will be presented at a ceremony next year.

The ABC said paramedic Nicholas Chapman was reluctant to take credit for his bravery.

"The miners were the ones that really put themselves at risk and they were on jackhammers all day and explosives," he said.

Darren Flanagan said the explosives-based rescue was nerve-racking, especially as the technique was being used for the first time.

"The first shot was the most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life, but it just got worse and worse with each blast because with each blast we just got closer and closer to their bodies," he said.

"It was just like having one of your own children born, when those two boys come out, that's how powerful that emotion was and that feeling.”

Raiseboring was also employed to rescue the miners, with the rescue taking 15 days to complete.

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