Bravery awards for firies at QLD truck explosion

Firefighters who were injured during a rescue at a truck rollover and ammonium nitrate explosion last year will receive bravery awards for their selfless efforts.

Lieutenants Jake Sullivan and Peter Hackwood will receive the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner’s Medal for Valour, and Nathan Thompson and Clinten McCarthy will receive the Commissioner’s Commendation for Bravery Award, at a ceremony on Monday next week.

A truck carrying ammonium nitrate rolled over near Charleville, Queensland in September last year, an accident which was attended by two fire crews who put themselves at risk to rescue the driver despite knowing the explosive risk of the vehicle.

The truck exploded while firefighters tried to resuscitate the driver at the roadside.

The explosion was so severe it blew a crater five meters wide in the highway, and demolished the the nearby road and rail bridges.

Eight people were injured, including the truck driver, two bystanders, four firefighters and a police officer.

Fire communications officers Leigh Murphy and James Harris will also receive Commissioner's Unit Citations for extraordinary professionalism during the incident.

Image: Couriermail

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