Bradken must fix factory odour after putting closure on hold

Mining consumables business Bradken must rectify unacceptable odour levels emitted from its Kilburn factory by February next year, the Environmental Protection Authority has said.

AAP reported yesterday that the EPA had told Bradken it must address “unacceptable odour emissions” at the site by February 27, 2017.

"The company is now on notice and must meet EPA's odour emission requirements for it to continue to operate at the Kilburn site," the EPA said in a statement.

The engineering business announced in December 2014 it would wind down operations and close the site in mid-2015. The closure date at the factory, which has been running since the 1950s, has been pushed back since to mid-2016.

Bradken’s general manager of minerals processing, Stephen Cantwell, told the ABC that shutdown plans were on hold indefinitely, with some relief being offered by factors such as the lower Australian dollar.

Cantwell said he was surprised by the new licence conditions, as only one complaint had been raised over odour levels in the last 12 months. It wasn’t clear how the emissions could be contained, and they posed no health risk.

"Notwithstanding this low level of concern, Bradken has invested, in the last 18 months, somewhere in the order of $1.2 million in plant upgrades to contain both odour and noise emissions," he said.

"The expenditure to address these emissions can be significant."

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