Boy breaks back on coal train

A teenager has broken his back and ribs after trying to jump on to a coal train.

On Sunday, the 17 year old trespassed onto rail lines near Otford Station and attempted to board a coal train into Wollongong, NineMSN has reported.

According to Police, the boy misjudged the speed of the haul train and hit one of the carriages.
The driver was unaware of the 17 year old’s attempted boarding.

The teenager was later found near the rail line.

Police inspector Brian Wyver said it was lucky the boy survived.

"In my experience stunts like this rarely, if ever, end well," Wyver said.

"Over the past year, local officers have been to numerous incidents involving trains where someone has either been killed or seriously injured.

"Our warning is clear – entering onto rail lines is not only illegal but can have dire consequences.”

IN April, a man was killed by a coal train in the Hunter Valley after he attempted to run across the tracks in front of the train.

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