Bowen Basin to see new mining projects

Thirty eight new projects are set to being in the Bowen Basin.

The DEEDI announced that 30 000 new jobs will be created over the next six years to support these new mines, according to the Daily Mercury.

At the recent Mining and Energy Projects in the Northern Bowen Basin – 2011, it highlighted how mining will drive the region’s growth.

These consist of 23 new coal mines and 12 coal seam gas projects as well as three mineral projects.
More than five billion tonnes of resources will be developed over the next two decades.

According to the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN) managing director Narelle Pearse, “the projects that are coming online in the next six years will generate around 10,000 jobs in the mining industry and what we’ve added to that is that for every job that the mines create, there are two other jobs that are created indirectly.”

She went on to say that the support industry for mining needs to understand and prepare for the upcoming growth in the region, and that the skills shortage and infrastructure issues need to be addressed urgently.

“While the continued growth is great, it also brings challenges and we need critical investment in infrastructure to make sure these projects happen.”

These new projects include BMA’s controversial Caval Ridge coal mine, QCoal’s Byerwen coal mine, and Macarthur Coal’s Codrilla mine. 

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