Bonfiglioli supports Australia’s manufacturing ramp up

Image: Bonfiglioli.

Bonfiglioli has positioned itself as a reliable supplier as Australian manufacturing companies rapidly accelerate their production efforts to meet demand.

With many companies having limited stock on-hand, having a reliable supplier is critical to the success of these businesses.

Bonfiglioli Australia and New Zealand managing director Martin Broglia said the company was ready to meet this demand.

“During these difficult times where customers need to ramp up and make up for lost time quickly, we want to be there for them,” Broglia said.

“The last thing they need is a production line standing still due to a lack of spare parts or delayed product supply and this is where we come in.

“We have developed an impressive local supply to meet the market demand.”

The company can also take on more complex jobs requiring additional design and engineering, which according to Broglia allows Bonfiglioli to provide a “full plug and play solution”.

“We believe that our service quality should match our product quality,” Broglia said.

“For this reason, we listen to our customers. Our offices are equipped with the people, skills and product required by our customers.”

Bonfiglioli services a range of primary industries in Australia, including the heavy-duty industry, wastewater treatment, timber, fruit growers and food processing, offering a wide range of reliable and quality gearbox range products.

Locally, the company ensures a robust stock contingent of $10 million to shorten lead times and improve its service levels.

Company founder Clementino Bonfiglioli designed the company’s first worm gear VF series to be supplied to major packing companies in 1988.

“Today, what makes us unique is that we offer not only worm units, but also both helical bevels as well as planetary units to deliver a complete range of products to the local market,” he said.

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