Body in Pike River changes nothing: NZ PM

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says the discovery of a fully clothed body inside the Pike River Coal mine where 29 men were killed changes little.

Key told The New Zealand Herald the government has already spent $11 million in its attempts to access the mine.

It will continue its efforts to get inside the mine, he said.

Key said the fully clothed body seen inside the mine does not change the findings of an inquiry into the tragedy which concluded that the men died instantly in the first explosion and the mine remains to dangerous for rescue teams to enter.

"The environment in the mine, as I understand it today, is still unstable and I can’t risk people going into the mine and threatening their own lives just because a body may or may not have been identified, he told the Herald.

"That would be wrong.”

Key did offer his sympathies to the families of the victims, acknowledging the difficult time he is going through.


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