BOC distributes Linde G-TECTA portable gas detectors

BOC is distributing a new range of portable gas detection instruments designed by German manufacturer Linde in Australia and New Zealand.

The G-TECTA range of detectors includes multiple- or single-gas instruments that can monitor an environment for the dangerous gases that are often found in typical mining operations.

According to the company, these gases include carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen cyanide.

Gas monitoring is vital in the mining industry in order to prevent toxic gas poisonings or explosions in underground sites.

The units are designed to alert the user visually and aurally whenever a selected gas is detected.

They will also notify the user when the oxygen levels are low.

For example, the G-TECTA 4G multi-gas unit can detect oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane and comes with a 95 dB audible alarm.

This model also features an automatic backlight with coloured visual alerts that will switch on whenever an alarm activates.

The G-TECTA SG is a single gas instrument that can be fitted with up to 28 individual gas sensors to suit a variety of applications.

The sensors can be interchanged to detect gases like methane, propane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide and sulphur dioxide.

The supplier said the device comes with a lightweight and robust design featuring IP-65 dust and water resistance.

All of the instruments in the range feature an upward facing display, allowing the user to easily view the readings when the device has been attached to a belt or clothing.

"The portable gas detection range has been designed for ease of use and, with one-button operation, proves to be a simple solution for field engineers and workers," BOC’s Joe Martinez said.

"The units can be connected to a PC or a docking station, allowing settings to be managed and data downloads to be recorded.

"Data management of gas detection instruments is an essential tool in the workplace, because it provides data for accountability purposes and can help establish the source of any current or futures risks on site."

The instruments feature a bright red colour scheme with high-visibility reflective labels to comply with on-site safety standards and procedures.

A range of accessories such as battery chargers, carry cases, harnesses, aspirator kits and dust filters are available for all models.

Linde also provides a range of calibration gases that can ensure the devices are in good working order.


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