Bob Irwin in court over CSG protest

The Crocodile Hunter’s father is facing court today charged with disobeying police during an anti-coal seam gas (CSG) rally in Queensland.

Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin was arrested last month at the Tara worksite of Queensland Gas Company.

He is concerned about the impact of coal seam gas on prime agricultural land and told The Sydney Morning Herald he is willing to be locked up for his involvement in blockading the construction of a gas pipeline in south-west Queensland last month.

Two other protestors are will also appear in court over the incident today.

”It’s not a comfortable feeling, I must admit,” Irwin told The Herald.

”But it was time for me to get off my backside.”

He says his famous son, who died tragically in 2006 would have been proud of his determination.

”He would have been there, boots and all.”

Coal seam gas has faced increasing opposition lately, especially in Queensland, where the fracking process used to extract the resource can cause damage to the properties the wells are located on.

There is also concern about the impact CSG extraction will have on the Surat Basin.

Irwin said he wants to protect the environment for the sake of his seven grandchildren.

”If we don’t all stand up for what we believe in, our grandchildren are going to have a very miserable future.”

“They’re going to be eating poisoned food and drinking poisoned water,” he said

”That is the thing that upsets me the most.

“They are experimenting not just with our environment but they are experimenting with our people.”

Last week Australian Greens leader Bob Brown accused Liberal and Labor senators of standing in the way of the party’s proposed senate enquiry into the coal seam gas (CSG) industry.

Image: Brisbane Times

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